CAFA Email List Guideline

The CAFA email and discussion group is hosted as a google group, cafanc at!forum/cafanc

  1. Purpose:
    The CAFA email and discussion group was established by the CAFA executive team for the purpose of exchanging information of CAFA activities and other community-oriented information that concern the majority of the group subscribers. We encourage members to use the CAFA web page ( and bulletin boards for information. CAFA email and discussion group will continue to be used as a supplement to the CAFA web page.

  2. Subscription/un-subscription:
    Subscription to the cafanc group is open to public

    To subscribe, send an email to

    To unsubscribe, send an email to

  3. Group Moderation and Message Posting:

    Subscribed members can post a message to the cafanac group.

    To post a message, send the message to
    Messages posted at will be subject to review and approval by the group moderators. The following categories of messages are viewed to be appropriate for posting:

    CAFA information and activity announcement Community-oriented information CAFA committee sponsored seminars Discussions initiated by CAFA Board or the Executive Committee Personal messages for seeking help or sharing information Educational or informational seminars

    The following categories of messages are viewed to be inappropriate and will be rejected for posting:
    Political messages/debates, personal attacks, Advertisements or messages serving commercial interests of business operators

  4. Contact:
    If you have questions regarding the message posting, please contact CAFA List Manager (

    CAFA Board of Directors